Project: Stamina

Closed Pre-alpha

Project: Stamina is the development name for a 3rd-Person Action-MobA, which features a diverse cast of characters battling over unique objectives in two thrilling game modes.

What is an “Action-MobA?”

The Action-Moba Departs from the familiar Top-Down, click-to-move functionality of traditional MobAs, shedding new light on the team combat and objective-based gameplay elements. Combining this strategic depth and combining it with the fast, fluid movement of 3rd-person action games, the Action-Moba provides the best of both worlds for casual AND competitive gamers.

What are the core mechanics?

There are three core systems at the heart of Project: Stamina’s gameplay: Character Progression, Stamina-fueled movement, and Universal Abilities.

Throughout the course of a match, characters gain levels, unlocking unique upgrades that allow players to specialize their character to the needs of that specific game.

Using Stamina as a resource, players can traverse the map with sprint-movement, invincible dodges, and unique stamina-fueled attack options.

Inspired by the ancient Nordic/Celtic runes, Project: Stamina features an augment system that allows players to augment their character by selecting a special ability from a collection unique and useful spells.

How is this related to Gigantic?

The inception of Project: Stamina was a direct response to the end of Gigantic announced in 2018. Motiga broke the mold with their work, and made something that touched the hearts of thousands before the door to their world closed forever. We are carrying a torch lit by their spark of brilliance, and seek to honor the work of those who inspired us.

In more concrete terms, the core gameplay of Project: Stamina is based HEAVILY on Gigantic’s core systems, tweaked only slightly by inspiration from other games and a few of our own creative ideas. While we are not working with any of Gigantic’s characters or other IP, we want Gigantic veterans to feel like they’re coming home when they play our game.

What platforms/consoles will it be on?

Right now we’re working on a standalone executable for PC, and our next steps will probably be onto Mac/Linux OS’s for the ease of cross-platform playability. Because of the costly process of console certification, and the difficulties of getting platform holders to “play nice” for cross-platform multiplayer, we do not have any projections for when we will start work to expand onto consoles. However, we have every intention of growing to meet the demand of any platform where we will find a playerbase, and definitely intend to focus on that endeavor further down the line.

When can we play it?

Project: Stamina is nearing the end of its prototype development phase, and will soon be entering the Closed Alpha stage of development. To be notified of when this occurs, and be among the first to apply as an Alpha Tester, join our mailing list, and follow our social media channels.

Where can we learn more about the game?

The development team stays actively engaged with our followings on social media, and you can find links to all of those resources at the top of this page. The best place to stay up to date with everything that happens is on our Discord, our team members can frequently be found there, and we are always happy to welcome new members and answer questions as they arise.

Can I join the team?

We are always accepting applications, which are linked in our Discord - a Discord account is a requirement for working with us, so if you’re serious about joining then that’s your first step. If you don’t see the role you’d like to fill in the application forms, then take your best guess, and send someone from the team a message to describe your situation.

I don’t have any relevant skills, or the time necessary to dedicate myself to a gamedev project, is there any other way I can support your work?

Why yes, there is! Among our social platforms is a link to our Patreon. Our patrons are among the most valued members of our community, and their contributions have made incredible things possible for our ongoing development. Our patrons receive weekly updates on the state of the game, get access to exclusive channels in our discord, and are invited to participate in collaborative events with the team to create new characters and shape the face of our game world as it continues to grow.

If you don’t have the spare resources to support us on Patreon, we still welcome your assistance in following our social channels and helping us spread the word about our work. The most important thing anyone can do to help Project: Stamina grow is to tell a friend about it, and invite them to join us.