The Team

We are a volunteer-driven studio comprised of passionate individuals from all around the world. We believe that creativity, collaboration, and clear vision are the true driving forces behind great game design, not brands or big money. One piece at a time, we put the puzzle together to bring great ideas to life.
Caedmon Webb (Mr. FancyPants)
Danielle DiFalco (FailcoPunch)
Art Director
Derek Hafenecker (Trinatis)
General Manager
Robert Veltman (Trex)
Technical Director
Sebastian Weiß (Killboy)
Christopher Dennis (Kezhi)
Lead Concept Artist
Patrick Munroe (Patato)
3D Artist
Muhammad Bin Tahir Mir (Mo)
Character Technical Artist
Ammon Evans (AmEv7Fam)
Systems Administrator
Rachael Cross (Tart)
Concept Artist
Jacob Miller (Jacob Grimoire)
Concept Artist
Nikoloz Sikharulidze (Atmos Fabula)
Media Specialist
James Reilly (WanderingJew)
Heather Fulton (CloudsyPoof)
Marketing Director
Jake Amo (JaketheLate)
Concept Artist